Montgomery County Council for the Performing Arts (MCCPA)

The Montgomery County Council for the Performing Arts (MCCPA) is a local non-profit performing arts group based in Mount Ida, Arkansas. We offer 2-3 stage performances each year, including plays, musicals, as well as an occasional murder mystery, dinner theater, or variety show. We cover a wide variety of theatrical styles ranging from comedy and drama to classics. Our goal is to offer something for everyone.
Each production involves dozens of volunteers, the most noticeable being the actors up on stage. Our actors spend weeks practicing, learning their lines and blocking. Our cast members include children, teens, and adults from our local and surrounding communities.
Behind the scenes, the cast is supported by an even greater number of volunteers serving in a variety of roles including the director, stage manager, stage hands, prompter, lights & sound, props managers, hair & makeup, costume designers, set builders, box office and consession workers, and more. 
Further removed from public view are the volunteers who manage the organization, maintain the theater building, and serve on the board of directors. MCCPA meetings take place monthly on the first Thursday at 5pm. Meetings are open to the public.
As we’re fond of saying, “No role is too small.”. It truly takes a community effort to keep a community theater working. Volunteers are needed in all areas of organization. Even the audience has a role to play.
We encourage everyone to participate. Who knows what new friendships might form, or a new passion for the performing arts could emerge. Not everyone has to be on stage. Remember, many roles are behind the scenes. 
MCCPA’s practices, performances, and meetings take place at the Roosevelt Auditorium, located at 414 Whittington Street on the Mount Ida High School Campus in Mount Ida, Arkansas. 
The MCCPA was founded in 1984. The organization has been going strong ever since with the participation of hundreds of individuals helping to realize the vision of our founding members. 
MCCPA is funded entirely through the generosity of our patrons, donors and advertisers. Donations are tax deductible.